For Mediso Ltd. we made several major projects and for three years we have provided them engineering consultant on site activity.

One of these major projects was a device re-design. The task started with the new industrial design of the product. The different versions of the design sketches were made with Pro/E ISDX surface-modelling module. After evaluating the design versions, the whole body structure of the device was redesigned. The new design was made according to strict American safety regulations and special health standards. The new body design allowed only canteliver support which had to be verified against failure and unexpected deflection with a finite element analysis (FEA). The design of this product won the 2006 Hungarian Industrial Design Award.

Another project C3D Ltd made for Mediso Ltd was an overall structural strength calculation of a universal gamma camera. The task was to verify the main gantry and the functional parts of the redesigned camera. The calculations were done according to EN 1993-1 (Eurocode3) and EN 60601 standards. The strength calculation was partially done by final element analysis and the rest was provided with analytical calculations.

C3D Ltd. also made the fatigue calculation of the human CT welded main gantry and the rotor mounting with finite element analysis. The gantry and the mounting parts have fatigue load caused by the rotor dynamical imbalance. The rotor weighs 700 kg, it rotates with 120rpm and its outer diameter is close to 1,6m. The calculation contained the self frequency extraction, the dynamic load and the stress.

The usage of Pro/MECHANICA was essential for the FEA tests. The collaboration with Mediso was supported by Pro/INTRALINK.