C3D Engineering Consultant Ltd. was founded in November 1999 and started its operation in January 2000. The founders' intention was to establish an engineering company, which:

  • can solve complex tasks in the field of mechanical engineering
  • uses the most up-to-date engineering devices (3D CAD systems)
  • is quick, professional, cost-effective
  • besides performing engineering and simulation tasks, supports its partners with consultation related to the systems used.

    During its operation C3D has achieved outstanding results in a number of fields, especially in virtual simulations aided by computer engineering (static and kinematic simulations). Furthermore, C3D has helped its partners perform not only mechanical engineering tasks but also carry out several other ones, like

  • visualisation and photo-realistic representation
  • computer animations
  • product brochures
  • product descriptions and manuals in several languages

    C3D maintains close and fruitful cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and helps its educational activities.