Certain engineering tasks involve such machine elements, casings, covers, which not only have to meet the design, ergonomic, etc. requirements but also have to be aesthetic. Thanks to modern 3D engineering systems, C3D can create rather complex, so called freeform surfaces as well, which can be used for further industrial purposes (tooling, manufacturing, etc.).

In the predesign phase of more complex products we manually prepare a number of high quality drafts of the potential versions. With the help of these drafts we finalize the concept with the customer, and make the computer-aided 3D models.

Based on these models we can make realistic computer graphics about the product, which can even be placed into its real application environment (e.g. drinks machine in a shopping mall). This method enables us to show the product to the potential customers, clients or investors in a very early design phase. Besides stills, we can also make computer animation of the products.