Press manufacturing

C3D Ltd. is a Hungarian small business company with multiple business lines. We have (around) 40 employees, including 25 engineers.

Our main activity is engineering support, including mechanical and industrial design, simulations and analysis, and our new business line is pressing. We exploit this synergy actively.
Manufacturing started in 2015, currently we have 6 employees in production field.

Main activities are
• metal cutting,
• press brake,
• punching,
• stamping,
• bending,
• abrasive cleaning and coating (blacking).

Our products are used in cast brake-shoes for the German, Hungarian and the Slovakian railway companies. Currently our production capacity: 30 000 parts/week.

Our long-term plan is continuous development and expansion.
We are looking for new partners, who can appreciate our favourable prices and need our high quality.

List of machines

  • Layer SD 100 ton excenter press
  • TOS 100 ton excenter press
  • Zollner BBC EXP 150 ton excenter press
  • 2 pcs JH21-160 160 ton excenter press
  • C3D self developed 200 ton hydraulic press
  • C3D self developed 300 ton hydraulic press
  • Hesong 3GN 0,15 m3 blasting machine
  • C3D automated coating line

Areas of expertise
Our company is engaged in mass production of pressed sheet products.


  • Providing technical support in component design and manufacturability
  • Mass production of parts by press technology (cutting, bending, punching)
  • Prototyping
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Coating (blacking)

If you are looking for a complex solutions, the following services are also available through us, so it is enough for our customer to focus on the end result.
Cooperative services involving our partners

  • Laser cutting
  • Galvanizing
  • Design and production of press technology dies, whether proto or serial.

Quality Assurance
The Press Manufacturing division of C3D Technical Consulting Ltd. operates a quality management system that meets the requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001-2015.

Location: H-2176 Erdőkürt, Tanács út 2.
Tel/Fax: +36-1/348-0509