C3D Engineering Consultant Ltd.

C3D Engineering Consultant Ltd. has been providing engineering services in the field of mechanical engineering, providing expert counselling, organizing trainings, and participating in research and development projects since its establishment in 1999. In 2015 the company opened its sheet metal processing plant based on cold forming technology, where we can fully meet the needs of our customers, from product design, through tooling to series production. Since its establishment, C3D Kft. Has maintained a close relationship with Hungarian technical higher education. Our company operates in the following areas: 

  • comprehensive support for mechanical design and development projects 
  • conducting complete design projects 
  • design and construction of cutting and measuring instruments 
  • design and construction of plastic cold forming tools 
  • production of small and medium series requiring special know-how 
  • punching, cutting, bending, deep drawing and other pressing operations 
  • forward-looking R&D projects (ITER, IFMIF-DONES)  
  • simulations and analyzes (FEA, MBS, CFD) 
  • Support for CAD and PLM systems  
  • organizing courses for companies and individuals as well 



Man is the value, professionalism is the advantage, high-tech is the tool.