C3D Engineering Consultant Ltd.

C3D Engineering Consultant Ltd. was founded in November 1999.

Its founders set up an engineering company, which:

  • Is able to solve complex tasks in the field of mechanical engineering
  • Uses state-of-the-art design tools (3D CAD systems)
  • Solves tasks professionally, quickly, and cost-effectively
  • In addition to solving design and simulation tasks, it also provides consultancy to partners on the systems used
  • Production of small and medium series requiring special expertise
  • Support of pilot series projects
  • Punching, cutting, bending, as well as deep drawing and other pressing tasks
  • Forward-looking R&D projects (ITER, IFMIF-DONES)
  • Simulations and analyzes (FEA, MBS, CFD)
  • Support for CAD and PLM systems
  • Organization of courses for individuals as well


Our partners

People are the value, professionalism is the advantage, high-tech is the tool.