CAD Services for industrial partners

We support professional design systems (CAD), product lifecycle management software (PLM) and undertake tailor-made training for our customers, tailored to the needs of our customers.

CAD Services for individuals

For individuals, practicing engineers, and engineering students, we are launching specialized multidisciplinary courses where participants can develop their engineering skills and learn about the latest techniques and tools in computer design.

CAD Services for industrial partners 

C3D Ltd. conducts training and supporting activities. We undertake the training of several engineering softwares, CAD systems from the basic level to the training of key users. We can provide training and support to „Keyuser” and / or „Cadadmin” to customize the software and develop and use the appropriate company-specific environment / workflow. Our clients include multinational companies such as BOSCH, Bourns, Hyundai, KUKA, Siemens and many other smaller partners who are just as valued. 

As a partner of the Enterprise Group, C3D Ltd. provides extensive support for SIEMENS CAD / CAM / PLM systems. 

The following table shows our trainings, which were developed by our colleagues with many years of engineering experience, where the training material is not only aimed at learning how to use the software, but also at more effective CAD design! (Construction of CAD models, from simple parts to complex castings (methods of construction of castings, possibility of applying skeleton structure, etc.). 


Course Level Period of time (day) Required training
Modeling Beginner 5
Modeling Advanced 5 Modeling – Beginner
Modeling Expert 3 Modeling – Advanced

Sheet metal

Course Level Period of time (day) Required training
Sheet metal Beginner 2 Modeling – Beginner
Sheet metal Advanced 2 Surface – Beginner

Surface Modeling

Course Level Period of time (day) Required training
Surface Modeling Beginner 5 Modeling – Beginner
Surface Modeling Advanced 5 Surface – Beginner + Modeling- Advanced
Surface Modeling Expert 3 Surface – Advanced + Modeling – Advanced

Freeform – NX realize shape

Course Level Period of time (day) Required training
Freeform – NX realize shape 2 Surface – Expert

Reverse Engineering

Course Level Period of time (day) Required training
Reverse Engineering Alap 3 Surface – Beginner

Motion simulation

Course Level Period of time (day) Required training
Motion simulation Beginner 3 Modeling – Beginner
Motion simulation Advances 3 Motion simulation – Beginner

NX setting options

Course Level Period of time (day) Required training
NX setting options Beginner 3 Modeling – Beginner
NX setting options Advanced 3 NX setting options – Beginner


Course Level Period of time (day) Required training
PMI Beginner 2 Modeling _ Beginner

Using NX with TC

Course Level Period of time (day) Required trainig
Using NX with TC Beginner 2 Modeling – Beginner


Course Level Period of time (day) Required training
FEM Beginner 5 Surface – Beginner
FEM Advanced 5 FEM

The trainings included in the table can be customized to the company, if needed, to ensure more effective training. As a first step in customization, our senior colleague assesses the area of activity of the given company during a few-hour conversation, removing non-relevant parts from the educational topic and adding new ones as needed. Then the duration of the training is decided and a quotation is prepared. It is also possible for the training to be done in the customer’s system, with their settings or even on site. If required and / or required, we can integrate customer’s models into our company-specific training. We also try to arrange our training times in the most flexible and quick way, tailored to our clients. 

The most important goal of our trainings is to pass on relevant knowledge to the colleagues working in the company and to use the available training time the most efficient

CAD Services for individuals

When C3D Ltd. was founded, 3D CAD systems began to gain ground in engineering practice. As a result, the company has decades of experience in industrial application, configuration, and support of leading CAD systems. Based on these experiences, our company organizes various courses in the field of computer design for individuals, practising and prospective engineers.

Tamás Tatárvári

Head of Engineering Technologies Development
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