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About us

The Stamping Division of C3D Engineering Consultant Ltd. was established in 2015. C3D Stamping Ltd. has been operating as a separate company since 2021, as a member of the C3D Group.

The main profile of C3D Stamping division is managing complex cold forming projects which require special engineering expertise. Our business focuses on small and medium series including many different manufacturing technologies such as stamping, laser cutting, blasting, galvanizing, and coating. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in supporting prototype projects from product design to serial manufacturing.  

Taking advantage of the cooperation with other C3D Departments, we can provide tool design and manufacturing, forming simulation services to our partners.  


Our Services 

Stamping and laser cutting

We can provide a wide range of metal stamping technologies to our partners including metal piercing, flat blanking, deep drawing, forming, and bending. Depending on production volume and complexity of the part, we can undertake high-volume progressive and lower-volume manual transfer manufacturing as well. Our machine park consists of crank and hydraulic presses up to 250 tons and deep drawing presses up to 600 tons. Providing economical solutions for medium and large series production for our partners we have press feeding machines for up to 5 tons of coils. Furthermore, we can integrate laser cutting operations into our manufacturing processes. 

Engineering services

Due to close cooperation with other C3D Departments, we can provide solutions for whole tooling processes including forming simulations, tool design, manufacturing and tool testing. We have remarkable experience in designing progressive and deep drawing tools. Besides, for the purpose of automating manufacturing processes, we can help with part-measuring and part-feeding machines for our partners. 

Surface treatment

C3D Stamping provides the secondary surface treating operations for its partners including deburring, vibratory finishing, coating, and blasting at the Erdőkürt factory. In cooperation with our external partners, we can integrate KTL painting and galvanizing manufacturing operations into our processes. 

Project engineering

C3D Stamping’s motto is the following: Complex solutions from product design to manufacturing.  
As a unit of the C3D Group, we can provide project management services for our partners. We are able to undertake the full execution of the idea of the product through prototype production to series production. Furthermore, we can manage and integrate different external manufacturing operations such as machining into our processes.  

Quality management

The C3D Stamping Ltd. operates a quality management system for its production processes certified by TÜV Rheinland – MSZ EN ISO 9001-2015.
The basis of our quality management is that we can control all technological steps even in the case of components with complex production technology, thereby guaranteeing consistent high quality. Finding and eliminating the root causes of errors is at the center of our developments. 

Retter László

László Retter

Managing Director, Quality management officer

+36 30 204 2700

Szabó Bernadett

Bernadett Szabó

Office manager

+36 70 771 3407

Antal Gál

Project engineer

+ 36 70 431 0394

Szombati Imre

Imre Szombati

Project engineer

+36 70 788 8202

Hajdu Pál

Pál Hajdu

Factory manager


C3D Stamping Ltd.

Headquarters: 1106 Budapest, Fehér út 10.
Factory: 2176 Erdőkürt, Tanács út 2.
Company registration number: 01-09-390912
Tax number: 27456576-2-42
E-mail adress: prestechnika@c3d.hu
Phone: 1 348 0509


1106 Budapest
Fehér út 10.


2176 Erdőkürt
Tanács út 2.